Free fundraising

BlessMe is dedicated to helping as many people as possible. This is why we will never charge anyone to raise money on our site. Start your own fundraiser today. It's free!

Our Crowdfunding Platform Charges $0
Most crowdfunding sites charge 5% to 10% in fees just to use their platform. We never have and never will. This is because we believe that for people facing life’s challenges, every dollar counts. With more than $500 million in donations raised, our free fundraising platform has saved fundraisers more than $13 million in fees.


Donation Processor Costs
All online fundraising requires a third-party credit card processor such as PayPal, WePay or Stripe. These processors allow money to be safely collected and transferred online, but they do charge small fees for this service. Each donation processor charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. This is not a BlessMe fee. To learn more about our donation processors, read our blog post Which Donation Processor Is Right for Your Fundraiser. Rest assured, you can change donation processors at any time during your campaign. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Keep More of Your Money
When a donation is processed, the donation processor deducts their cost from the donation total. For example, if someone donates $100, the donation processor will take 2.9% plus $.30, resulting in a $3.20 fee. Other sites charge an additional 5% to 10% just to use their site. BlessMe saves you money by charging no site fees.

How BlessMe Supports Itself
We rely on the generosity of our users to help us provide a free crowdfunding platform for those struggling with life’s challenges. At times, we do receive financial support from our amazing processors and other partners. People who give to fundraisers on BlessMe have the option of providing a voluntary contribution to support our operations and help keep fundraising free. We are incredibly grateful to those who have contributed and in doing so, chosen to participate in our mission to bring life-changing philanthropy to as many people as possible.